Memories and Thoughts in Writing


Sandi and Gator

Hi!  My name is Sandi, well Sandra, really, but no one calls me that.  I am a retired science teacher turned retired librarian, recently returning to a lost past-time, writing.  Mostly I write to please myself or to express emotion that is better dealt with in terms of the written word rather than spoken. Thanks to encouragement from a dear friend, who also created this site, I find I do have something to say, if only for myself.

I must give credit to my friend Mike for taking the pictures featured on this page: the landscape was taken at Lake Louisa State Park, just south of Clermont, FL.  The backyard photo features one of my two dogs, Gator.

Consider living a life in which you are free to create; let go and fly.  Don’t waste one second worrying about what someone else will think about your musings.  True to self, in the moment, make your time count.